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Do To Others What You Would Have Them Do To You

Do To Others What You Would Have Them Do To You

Matthew 7:12 NIV

12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

In Everything means everything. In every area of life, in every human interaction we are to do to others what we would have them do to us. Jesus says this sums up the law and the prophets. What does this tell us about the character and nature of God? What does this reveal is most important unto God?

What we see is that what God is truly concerned with is how we treat others that have been created in His image. Every person on this earth regardless of skin color has been created by the living God and has been created in His image. This is why to say one color or race of people is more important than others is pure foolishness and is not biblical or based on truth.

To even say there are multiple races is foolishness because all have descended from Adam. All of us on this earth have descended from Adam and therefore all people born on this earth are born with a sin nature that dominates them. Our ability to hate and even discredit someone based on the color of their skin is a result of our sin nature. For if we truly are led by The Holy Spirit and we are a brand-new creation in Christ, we will value and cherish what God values and cherishes. God has created all people in His image and therefore we are called to love all people regardless of where they come from and regardless of what they look like. Jesus has even told us to pray for and love our enemies.

But when Jesus says the law and the prophets, He is referring to the old covenant. From Genesis to Malachi, we have God’s word based on the Old Covenant. But when Jesus came, everything changed. Through faith in Christ, we enter into a better and new covenant. Because of the blood of Jesus, our sins are washed away, and the Spirit of God comes to live within us. If we are truly abiding in Christ, His character and nature will be manifest in us and our lives will be lived to bring Him glory.

Some have a misconception of Christianity believing it is but a bunch of rules that God has given to hinder humanity from pursuing that which they desire. But in fact, Christianity is a living relationship with the Living God in which we are freed from the curse of sin and death, we are born again to new life, and the very Spirit of God comes to live inside us supernaturally transforming us from the inside out.


Father help me each day to live for you. Help me to fix my eyes on you. There are many distractions and many voices that would try to pull me in many directions. But help me to love people as you love. May your compassion, grace, mercy, and love mark my life. May I simply walk in obedience to your word and truth. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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