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Even There Your Hand Will Guide Me

Psalms 139:10 NIV

even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.

There are moments in life when it seems like we are in free fall. We are overwhelmed by all that is taking place around us. No matter how hard we try to hold things together, the harder we try, the greater we struggle.

I believe God has designed it this way on a purpose. The only way we can truly experience the abundant life that Jesus spoke of is by fully relying on God for everything. We must take our hands off the wheel and let Jesus take over. The truth is that the hand of God will guide us. When we come to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior, it is God’s hand that is placed upon our lives, and it is simply His grace covering everything.

One time as I was spending time in prayer, I was meditating on the word favor and truly seeking God for a picture of what favor was to have a greater understanding of it. The favor of God upon our life is simply His hand firmly placed upon us. It isn’t loosely placed upon us where it can simply slip off. But God plants His hand firmly upon us and through everything we face the Lord is bringing to pass His plans and His purposes.

The right hand is a picture of authority, and the right hand of God will hold us fast. It is Jesus who will sustain us by His strength and power. The key to the Christian journey is learning to let go and simply trust God. Bringing all things before the Lord in prayer and giving the battle over to Him. Not trying to figure out how God will accomplish it or even ask God to do it in a certain way. But to simply trust the Lord through the storm and trial that He will see us through.

He is far more concerned with our character and maturity. As we learn to trust Him each step of the way, we will encounter His peace in all things. Even in the most difficult of moments in life, as we fix our hearts upon Jesus, we will see His hand upon us that is firmly placed. He will never leave us nor forsake us, and He has simply called us to trust Him and build our lives upon Him and His word.


Jesus help me to let go of my fears. Help me to let go of my worry. Help me to know that your hand is firmly upon my life and that you are leading and guiding me by The Holy Spirit to every purpose and plan you have for me. Father help me to keep my eyes fixed upon you and to grow through the trial. In the name of Jesus, Amen!


1. In what ways have you allowed worry and fear to rule your heart in the past?

2. What has Jesus taught you through the storms and trials you have faced about His faithfulness and goodness?

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