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He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease

John 3:30

New American Standard Bible 1995

30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

The question is who are you? No really who are you? Not who you are when everything is going well and things are comfortable. But who are you when you are called to suffer. When you experience testing and trial. The purpose of testing and trials are to refine and reveal things that need to be pruned from our lives.

Our walk with Christ is a continual process of decreasing as He increases. We are called to deny ourselves and pick up our cross. Jesus compared our life on this earth of following Him to a cross. A cross was an instrument of death, suffering, and torture. But in the hands of God it is an instrument of life, restoration, and displaying the glory of Almighty God.

Sometimes we may feel like God has abandoned and forsaken us. We may feel like in our current season that even when I cry out to God my words simply hit the ceiling and fall to the floor. But every time we cry out to our Father He hears us. He not only hears us but as we draw near, He draws near to us. As we seek Him, we find Him.

We have an incredible privilege in prayer. We have an audience with Almighty God. The moment we begin to draw near and cry out, He stops and draws near to us. He is every where at all times, there is not a moment when we are apart from Him and there is not a moment that if we are drawing near, that He is not drawing near to us in return.

May we each day simply desire to die. Desire to die to self, to this world, to the things this world glorifies, to everything that is against God's word and His kingdom. May we never forget this world is not our home. Our home and citizenship is Heaven. Each day as we grow in Him we are being prepared for all that we will be entrusted to do in His kingdom. Heaven will be far greater than we can comprehend. But until we are there may we simply decrease as He increases and is glorified through us.


Father I come before you and ask you to help me. Help me to lay down and die to everything that would hinder my walk with you. Father have your way in every area of my life. May every thought and every word I speak align with your will. May you direct my steps. May I walk in unbroken fellowship with you. May I pray without ceasing and may my heart always be open and drawn unto you. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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