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If Any Of You Lacks Wisdom

If Any Of You Lacks Wisdom

James 1:5 Lexham English Bible

5 Now if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask for it from God, who gives to all without reservation and not reproaching, and it will be given to him.

The word lack here is the Greek word lĕipō, and it means to leave, i.e. (intrans. or pass.) to fail or be absent:—be destitute (wanting), lack. If we lack wisdom, we are to ask God. If we fail to have wisdom or it is absent from us, we are called to ask God. Wisdom is the Greek word Sophia and it means wisdom. Refers to the quality of having knowledge, skill, and experience in the sense of mastery over a particular subject or trade through practice and learning. Wisdom is essential in our relationship with God. When we ask for wisdom, it is God’s divine wisdom that is released into our lives to navigate life and accomplish the purposes of God.

When Solomon was asked by God to ask anything and it would be given, Solomon asked for wisdom. It greatly impacted him personally and impacted all those he led as king of Israel. As followers of Christ, we are faced daily with decisions. These decisions will determine the course of our lives. If we are married, they will impact the course of our families and our children. When any couple begins to make prayer a priority in their lives, it will release the blessing of the Lord into their family and the purposes of God will be accomplished.

To see the wisdom of God released into our lives requires us to ask. We need to ask God in prayer. Many people want to complicate prayer and some are even intimidated by the concept and practice of prayer. But prayer is simply a very intimate conversation between us and God Almighty. Because of Jesus we can draw near without fear. Our sin no longer remains. When we begin to pray, we have our Father’s attention in Heaven and the more we pray and spend time in God’s word, the more God supernaturally shapes our desires to align with His will.

God’s promise to us is that when we ask for wisdom it will be without reservation and not reproaching. The word reservation is haplōs, and it means bountifully:—liberally . The word reproaching is oneidizō and it means to reproach; mock; revile . God in His love and mercy will keep no good thing from His sons and daughters. Those who would ask for wisdom the Lord will give it bountifully and liberally. He will give wisdom without limit. He will give the wisdom needed for the challenge and trial that His sons and daughters are facing. God will not keep wisdom from us. He will not answer with a no but will answer with an abundant yes.

 His desire is that we would ask for wisdom because if we are asking for wisdom, we are asking Him to lead and guide us. We are surrendering our own understanding, and we are simply trusting the Lord.

The promise is simply that if we will ask for wisdom, it will be given. This is a sure promise from Almighty God.

 I would encourage you today regardless of what trial or difficulty you are facing, simply ask for wisdom. James writes to count it all joy when we face trials of various kinds. But the key to seeing a trial become a blessing in the hands of God is asking for wisdom. Asking God to guide us by His hand and by Holy Spirit. As we spend intimate moments each day with Holy Spirit and continue to ask for wisdom in greater ways, we will see the blessing of God poured out in all areas of life because we will no longer be living and operating by our own understanding, but instead will be fully surrendered to the leading and guidance of The Lord.


Father thank you for wisdom. Fill my heart today with your wisdom and understanding. In every challenge and trial I face, give me wisdom. Fill me with wisdom to overflowing. Like you gave to Solomon, give me wisdom in all things. May my life and every circumstance simply glorify and magnify your name. Jesus thank you for your love, grace, and mercy. Holy Spirit thank you for your friendship and your guidance. Father have your way in my heart and life today in the name of Jesus, Amen!

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