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If we say that we have not sinned

1 John 1:10 New American Standard Bible 10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.

If we claim we are without sin, we make God a liar. God is clear in His word that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). If we are without sin, then what Jesus did at Calvary means absolutely nothing and was without purpose. But because every person born on this earth is born from the line of Adam, every individual on this earth is born into sin. For the sin nature is passed on from Adam, to the human race. This is why when Jesus was born on this earth to the virgin Mary that the physical egg within Mary was used, but it was the Holy Spirit who came upon her. She did not have relations with a man and therefore when the Son of God was born, He was born without sin.

During the days when John was writing these words there were false teachers who claimed they were without sin. They claimed because of their secret knowledge and what they believed, it made them sinless. But this is not based upon biblical truth, but a lie from the enemy. For they separated knowledge from behavior. Claiming that their secret knowledge made them righteous and therefore their actions had no impact or merit in their relationship with God.

This cause them to live in decadence and to cast off restraint. Claiming that the grace and the blood of Christ made them righteous and therefore their actions didn’t matter. Reading the previous verses of John from this letter we know this is not true. For John speaks of walking in the light and not walking in darkness. The way we live impacts our relationship with God. Every time we engage in sin, fellowship with our Father is broken. Confession restores fellowship with our Father. This is why if a Christian begins to walk away and live in sin, it breaks the heart of God the Father. For fellowship is broken, the person becomes desensitized to the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and ultimately finds themselves in a very dangerous place.

God desires that we build our lives on sound doctrine and truth. A wrong understanding of God’s word will lead to living the wrong way for God. Our minds are the control center of our body. It is where decisions are made on a daily basis. When our minds are renewed by biblical truth, our lives will be transformed. The Holy Spirit will begin to lead, guide, and direct the decisions we make on a daily basis. We will begin to truly reflect the character and nature of Christ.

John says that those who claim they are without sin are liars and the word of God is not in them. To claim one is without sin is to deny biblical truth and the word of God. Right relationship with God is dependent on believing the word of God. If we claim to be in Christ, yet reject the truth of God’s word, we are simply deceived and not truly a child of God. Sadly, this is the reality for some today. They will call themselves Christians, but when you begin to examine what they believe you find their theology is progressive and demonically influenced.

This is become more and more prevalent as churches are rejecting that homosexuality is a sin, claiming they are welcoming and affirming church. As the body of Christ, we should be a welcoming place to people of all walks of life, but the difference is we don’t affirm sin and those who live in it. Yes, it is not popular today to hold to sound biblical truth. Many today when we hold to the truth of God’s word without compromise will call us closed minded and hateful. But we must remember that Jesus said we would be persecuted, and we would be hated. But none the less we pray for those who are lost and deceived that the eyes of their hearts would be open to truth and they would come into right relationship with God the Father.

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