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If You Remain In Me and My Words Remain in You: John 15:7

If You Remain In Me and My Words Remain in You

John 15:7 Lexham English Bible

7 If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you want and it will be done for you.

Jesus gives us a very important kingdom principle when it comes to praying prayers that are effective and will be answered. It is a result of remaining in Him and His words remaining in us. The word remain is the Greek word menō and it means remain, stay (i.e., lodge) with. Among its wide breadth of uses, menō can refer to dwelling, living, or lodging. We are called to dwell in Christ. We are called to live and lodge in Christ. His presence must become the place where we dwell.

When we dwell and abide in Christ there is a deep intimacy that is built with the Lord. In His presence we are changed, and we are transformed. As we spend time with Him in intimate uninterrupted fellowship, we come to know His voice and our minds and hearts are supernaturally changed. The old nature of Adam is crucified and what is resurrected in its place is the life and mind of Christ.

His word must dwell in us. His word must remain in us daily. How is this possible? How is it possible that throughout the day our minds and hearts would be fixed upon the Lord and His word? It is a result of spending time daily in the scriptures. There was a study that was done that showed if a person spends three days or less through the course of a week in the word of God there is little to no change. But if they begin to spend four days or more a week, they begin to see change. The more time that is spent in the word, the more change and transformation happens.

What does it mean to study the word of God? What does it mean to mediate on the word of God? It isn’t simply picking up our bible and reading through it like a newspaper or magazine. We are called to spend time looking at words and studying words in their context and the original language. We are called to meditate upon the word of God repeatedly in our minds. When Joshua is told to not let the law of God depart from his lips it is a picture of a cow chewing the cud. The cow chews the cud, swallows, regurgitates it, and chews on it some more. This is not a pleasant picture for some, but it shows us how we are to chew over the word of God all throughout the day.

When we remain and dwell in the word of God, it is written on our hearts. There is great and deep revelation that comes as a result of dwelling on God’s word. We not only remain in Him, but His words remain in us. As a result of this remaining and dwelling in Christ and His words, our prayers supernaturally align with His will, purpose, and desire. As a result, the very things we are praying are being answered and being accomplished.

We are not called to pray according to the selfish desires that exist within us. Does God bless His children? The answer is abundantly yes. But often what we see as blessing and what is actually blessing according to God is two very different things. Jesus said He came to give life and give it abundantly, but sometimes we confuse the pursuit of the American dream with abundant life. May we remain in Him. May His words remain in us. May we be the people of prayer He has called us to be.


Father I pray that daily I would remain in You. Jesus I pray that my heart and mind would be one with You. I pray that your word would remain in me. Your word would be written upon my heart. Father align my prayers with your heart. Reveal the depths of your heart to me and how you have called me to pray. Teach me to pray as you taught the disciples to pray. Jesus may my life be a house of prayer unto you. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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