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Is Anyone Among You Suffering

Is Anyone Among You Suffering

James 5:13 ESV

Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise.

God's instruction to us concerning suffering and being cheerful is to pray and sing praise. There are seasons and times in our lives when we will suffer for the name of Jesus. Suffering can come in many different forms. It can come in the form of sickness and disease, persecution, financial hardship, hardship in our family and our marriage. But in all suffering we are called to pray.

Sometimes the natural response of human beings when we suffer is to isolate. The danger of isolation is mind and hearts become bombarded with the lies of the enemy. The enemy desires to overwhelm us with discouragement, doubt, worry, and fear. He is trying all that he can to paralyze the faith we have in Christ.

But when we turn to God in prayer, we will find strength in Almighty God. It is not always easy to pray in the midst of suffering but sometimes our prayer may be as simply as Lord help me. Jesus help me in my pain and in my weakness. Deliver me from the hand and work of the enemy. When we cry out to God, He not only hears us but He will answer from on high.

But when we are cheerful may we praise the Lord with all our hearts. Even when we find ourselves in the midst of a great trial and storm, we can choose to praise the Lord. He is fully in control and whatever we are facing, He is faithful to us it for our good and for His glory. A big part of overcoming any trial and any hardship we face is right perspective. Understanding that God is in control at all times will enable us to pray continually and to praise the Lord with all our hearts.


Father help me to come to you each day and to pray and seek your face. Deliver me from the hand of the enemy. May your blessing continually fill my life and may my life be filled with praise unto you. I thank you for every heart beat and every moment. I thank you that you are always faithful. I may not understand all that I am going through and facing, but I thank you that you are in control. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

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