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New Blog Section – Through God’s Grace


You will soon start to see a new blog section for the Father’s Heart. My name is Grace and have been attending the church a little over a year.

Pastor Dave recently discovered that I love to journal, so he thought I might be interested in giving another perspective on our church Blog site. I’m not a professional blogger. In fact, this is my first attempt to blogging. However, I recall that Jesus’ apostles were also inexperienced so I am certain that when we are called to do something for our Lord and Savior, He will also give us the tools we need to get the job done.

I accepted the Pastor’s invitation to blog for the church website because as far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to write and more specifically, publish a book. Again, distractions in life placed this desire/dream on the back burner. However, with the unexpected invitation to blog, I knew this was the time and the opportunity to not only expound on my dream of writing, but also, to use it for our Lord and Savior, His people that He loves dearly and my desire to make a difference before this journey ends.

Writing/journaling is therapeutic for me; I meditate, I pray, I speak to God with words of love and gratitude. I record all the events and people in my life that have impacted me. It’s where I feel totally comfortable expressing my feelings and honestly dialoguing with God.

My desire to know more about God began at a young age. I come from an Italian family so I grew up Roman Catholic. I grew up on the East side of Utica, NY (where many Italians emigrated back in the 50s and 60s). My walk with Jesus grew stronger in my teen years as I started reading more of the Bible, met people from the Assembly of God faith and got saved before I was 17. I had a desire to attend Bible School but unfortunately that did not materialize. I got married at a young age; family life with all its distractions, didn’t place Jesus as priority. However, because of God’s grace and love for me, He never stopped knocking at my door.

As you might have also learned through your own experiences and testimonies, God is very patient and waits for us to get our act together. Our walk with God is therefore a life-long journey. We all make mistakes, we miss the mark, we don’t always hear Him the first time, we refuse to hand over control of our lives, and we don’t remain consistent in faith. Despite our flawed nature, the beautiful thing about God is that he continues to show us grace. Therefore, I felt compelled to call this new blog section, “Through God’s Grace” (and of course, since my name is Grace, it made perfect sense).

I sincerely hope that some of my writings inspire you, help you, heal your soul, ignite thought and bring you closer to Jesus.

Love, blessings and prayers,


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