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The Lord Takes Pleasure In His People

Psalm 149:4 (New King James Version)

For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation.

Jesus came proclaiming “repent for the kingdom is at hand”. The only way to truly repent is to humble oneself before the Living God. Our ability to come to the place of repentance is a work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the depths of our sin. We see how wrong it is and we turn from it. Salvation is never an emotional response. It is always a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.

What truly marks the life of a true believer in Christ is humility. We understand that without Jesus we are nothing. The longer we walk with Him we see how broken and lost we are without Him. Here it says the Lord takes pleasure in His people. We are God’s sons and daughters. If we ever want to know how much we mean to Almighty God we simply need to look at the price God paid for our salvation. Jesus gave everything so that we could be forgiven, redeemed, and restored to relationship with God the Father.

It says the Lord will beautify the humble with salvation. Beautify in the original Hebrew means to satisfy a debt: (be) accept(-able), accomplish, set affection, approve, consent with, delight (self), enjoy, (be, have a) favour(-able), like, observe, pardon, (be, have, take) please(-ure), reconcile self. Everything we need God provides. He has paid our debt. He has made us acceptable to Him. He has declared us righteous. Our sin has been removed, our past has been nailed to the cross. In Christ we have been given a brand new life.

May we take time each day to spend in prayer developing deep intimacy with the Lord. May we never take for granted what Jesus has done for us. Today in Jesus we have a brand new day. Every day we face challenges and battles of all kinds. Every time we do fall short it is an opportunity to learn and grow. Never listen to the voice of condemnation. Keep your heart and mind fixed upon our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Father help me never to take for granted the precious salvation I have in your Son Jesus. I pray each day that I would continue to grow in my walk and relationship with you. Remove from my life anything unpleasing to you. I pray that every thought and desire would be surrendered to your Lordship. Lead and guide me this day and my heart, mind, and all that I am be focused on all I have in you. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

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