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The Lord Will Be King Over The Whole Earth

The Lord will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one Lord, and his name the only name.

There is a day coming in which Christ shall return to the earth. He is daily preparing a people and bride for His return. There will be a day when the trumpet sounds and those who are living on the earth at that time will go to meet the Lord in the air. They will be removed from the earth and why they will be removed from the earth is so that His judgement and wrath will be poured out in full measure throughout the earth.

We see this pattern in scripture before the Lord pours out judgement that He protects the righteous and those committed unto God but removing them from the situation. We see this in the life of Noah. We see this in the life of Lot. We see this in the life of the exiles before Babylon invaded Jerusalem. The apostle Paul has told the body of Christ that we have not been appointed to suffer wrath because we are covered and washed clean by the blood of Jesus (1 Thess 5:9). Because Jesus took the wrath and punishment we deserve, we have been saved from the wrath of God. It doesn't mean in this world we won't have trouble or face trials, but it does mean that we are protected and saved from the wrath of God that is coming.

But understanding that Jesus is coming soon fills our hearts and minds with hope. This world is not our home and we can become pretty discouraged when we simply focus on the earthly leaders and government of our day. But every single person who sits in the place of leadership on the earth is broken in some way. They are imperfect. They are not our savior and we should never look to them to save us. It doesn't mean that some leaders won't be more wicked than others because they will. There are those who truly fear the Living God and desire to do what is right. But sadly on the whole there are many who sit in positions of power and simply desire to further their on selfish sinful agendas.

May we as believers in Christ fixed our eyes upon Jesus and His soon return. May we daily prepare our lives in the place of intimacy with the Lord. May we live a life surrendered to the will of Almighty God. Sadly, many in this day are abandoning sound biblical truth and doctrine. May we hold fast to the faith we have in Christ and build our lives on sound doctrine and truth. May we not bow our knee to the culture and god of this age, but may our heart be steadfast and our affection only be given to Jesus Christ.


Father help me this day to walk in obedience and truth. I pray your character and nature would be produced within me. Help me not to focus on earthly leaders but remember that my home and citizenship is in Heaven. Daily you are preparing a place for me and no matter what I face on this earth may our count it all joy for the sake of the cross and the glory of the name of Jesus. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!

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