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We love, because He first loved us

1 John 4:19

New American Standard Bible

19 We love, because He first loved us.

The source of love in the life of every Christian is the love of God for them. When we sit back and think it is not us who first loved God, but it is God who is the initiator and the one who chases us down. It is God who is pursuing us. If we are truly honest with ourselves and think about the many times we have failed and fallen short, it is truly amazing that God love us. That He loves us based on choice. It is not something He simply feels, it is a choice He makes to look upon the brokenness and sinfulness of humanity and desires to love us anyway.

Many in the world today have no knowledge of God, or what knowledge they have is twisted and corrupted. Often people see God as this cruel tyrant who has a bunch of rules and if you don’t follow those rules, He will punish quickly. But even under the Old Covenant that was based on the law, God was very patient with the nation of Israel. He would often send prophet after prophet to the people, calling them back to Himself. But sadly, they rejected His word and therefore they rejected Him.

When we rightly understand the love of God it will truly transform who we are. It will change the way we live. We will live to please Him in all things. Our very lives on a daily basis will become an act of worship. We will no longer see our jobs as working for a company or a boss, we will see all that we do is meant to be a living sacrifice to Him.

Not only will it change the way we live, it will change the way we love. Sadly, what is often called love in this world is simply selfish desire to manipulate to get what we want. To obtain whatever our object of affection is at the present moment to appease some selfish desire within us. But the love found in God is truly different. It is sacrificial and when we have a right understanding of His love for us, we will manifest His love toward the lives of others.

It always amazes me when I sit and meditate upon the fact that He first loved us. I personally know every short coming in my life. I know how many times I have failed Him and disappointed Him. Yet in those moments I have learned the power of confession. Through confessing our sins that He is righteous and just to forgive us. Through confession, His forgiveness is released, and intimate fellowship is restored. God is truly amazing, and He is love. All that He does is because of His love for us. May we rightly understand this love, and may it be manifested in everything we do. The world is broken and cold and people truly desire to know the perfect love that is found only in Jesus Christ.

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