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Whoever Has The Son Has Life

1 John 5:12 (English Standard Version)

Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.

True abundant life is only found in Jesus Christ. The life John speaks of is not only discovered in this lifetime upon the earth, it is lived out for all eternity in the presence of the Lord. Someday as followers of Jesus we will be in the very physical presence of the Lord. God Almighty shall dwell with us.

Many on this earth pursue the world and its desire. Jesus said the road to destruction is wide and many will walk on it. The road to life is narrow and few will find it. Sadly the number of people in Hell will far outnumber those in Heaven. A person’s ability to enter into Heaven is simply dependent on what they do with Jesus Christ. If we reject Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, we forfeit the precious gift of salvation. If we humble ourselves before God, admit our need for a Savior, and place our faith and trust in Christ, we receive the precious gift of eternal life.

Our salvation is not based on works. Works are naturally an outgrowth of walking with Jesus. It is impossible to abide in Christ intimately and not be changed by the work and person of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As we abide in Christ and His truth, we begin to discern the voice and leading of the Holy Spirit. In every decision the Spirit of God is directing us. It is impossible not to be changed by Jesus when we fully surrender every day.

God’s desire is spiritual maturity. His desire is that just as we grow and develop physically into maturity that we would grow and develop spiritually. Everything in our lives is impacted when we simply begin to walk with Jesus every day. He truly changes everything.

True life is found in Jesus. True hope and freedom is found in Jesus. Today may we pursue His kingdom. May we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. God is in control and God is moving in the earth. Daily His word is going forth in so many ways because His desire is that none would perish but would have everlasting life. My hope for you today is that you know Jesus, you walk with Him, surrender to Him, and live for Him. For in Him only true life is found.


Father I come before you today and ask you to help me to fully surrender. Help me to let go of my fleshly, sinful desires. Help me to turn my back on this world and to pursue you alone. Remove every lie and stronghold from my heart and mind. May my mind and heart be fully surrendered to you. May you have your way in the name of Jesus, Amen!

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