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At The Father's Heart we take Jesus command to go and make disciples of all nations seriously. We believe that discipleship happens most effectively in a connection group environment. We believe in these environments questions can be asked without fear and answers can be given to help guide spiritual growth and formation. We believe relationships can be built between brothers and sisters in Christ that Jesus modeled during His earthly ministry.

We believe that it is important that all connection group leaders are equipped to lead effectively and help guide those who are growing in their relationship with Christ. This is why we are requiring that anyone leading a connection group take part in our 12 week discipleship course. 

This course is based on the Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual by Jim Putman. It is a valuable resource for anyone who is leading to understand the different stages of spiritual growth and how to develop in others the ability to make disciple. Please fill out the form below to sign up for the course.  There is also an opportunity to purchase the manual by clicking on the real-life training manual icon.
The cost of the manual is $15.99 and will be required for the course.


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