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Pathway to Becoming a Pastor at
The Father’s Heart


Any member of The Father’s Heart who feels called to Ministry is welcome to explore the opportunity of a pastoral career at the Church.  This document describes the achievements necessary to become a licensed pastor at The Father’s Heart.


Jesus calls upon all of us to go and make disciples of all nations.  Considering the many paths to serve in Ministry, The Father’s Heart Church is prepared to provide specific guidance and support of those who feel the calling from God to become a pastor at The Father’s Heart.  Through both academic and practical achievements, serving in Ministry at The Father’s Heart is a calling by the Lord.

Practical Achievement

The best way to achieve practical experience is to serve.  There is an expectation of ongoing service and practical ministry experience at The Father’s Heart for anyone who feels called to serve as a pastor.  Licensed Pastors are expected to serve in every area of Ministry.  Whether it is moving chairs for an event, taking care of infants during service, cleaning bathrooms, or teaching a course, it is important for a pastor to experience all aspects of serving in the Church.  We believe a well-rounded experience in all areas of ministry thoroughly prepares a pastor to succeed and continue to excel.

Academic Achievement

The Bible and Doctrine Diploma is designed to prepare both men and women who feel called into Ministry and is a necessary achievement in pursuing this calling at the Father’s Heart.  This Diploma is ideal for those who are not in position to attend seminary.  The Bible and Doctrine Diploma is offered through Global University Berean, a university that provides convenient self-paced online courses.

Self-Assessment and Determination

Do you feel called to serve as a pastor at the Father’s Heart?  We encourage you to continue to pray and ask for His guidance in this serious and life changing decision.  Talk with your Pastor, a trusted family member, or friend about the path of Ministry and what it would mean in your life.  Need more guidance?  Think about how you would answer the following questions:

  1. Why do I want to be a pastor?

  2. What does it mean to have a servant’s heart?

  3. What challenges am I prepared to face as a pastor in the Church?

  4. Have I diligently prayed over this decision and heard clearly from the Lord?

If you are interested in learning more about the Pathway to Becoming a pastor at The Father’s Heart, please contact the Pastor’s office to request an application.  Once the completed application has been received and reviewed, the Pastor’s office will contact you to set up a time to discuss your application and determine a way forward for your pathway to becoming a pastor at The Father’s Heart.

Phases of the Pathway

Phase 1:  Bible and Doctrine Diploma

The Diploma, offered through Global University, is a requirement for the academic portion of working toward becoming a licensed pastor for The Father’s Heart.  The Bible and Doctrine Diploma is designed to give those who desire to be in Ministry a deeper knowledge of God’s Word.

To ensure the courses offered as part of the Bible and Doctrine Diploma are in line with The Father’s Heart biblical beliefs, these courses have been thoroughly vetted and approved to be part of the Pathway to Becoming a Pastor through the program offered at the Father’s Heart.

The Bible and Doctrine Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the following 17 courses directly from Global University or through The New York School of Ministry that meets at Two Rivers Church and more information can be found here

Bible and Doctrine Diploma Course List

Bible Courses

BIB 114 Christ in the Synoptic Gospels

BIB 115 Acts: The Holy Spirit at Work in Believers

BIB 117 Prison Epistles: Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, and Philemon

BIB 121 Introduction to Hermeneutics: How to Interpret the Bible

BIB 212 New Testament Survey

BIB 214 Old Testament Survey

BIB 215 Romans: Justification by Faith

BIB 313 The Corinthian Correspondence

BIB 316 Geography of the Holy Land

BIB 318 The Pentateuch

BIB 322 Poetic Books


Doctrine Courses

THE 114 Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine

THE 211 Introduction to Theology

THE 221 Systematic Theology 1

THE 222 Systematic Theology 2

THE 245 Eschatology

THE 311 Prayer and Worship

Course Completion Recommendation

  • Complete one course at a time.

  • All courses include a test that is graded by Global University.

  • Complete each course in the time allotted.

NOTE:  There is a one-time opportunity to request an extension to complete a course.

Receiving the Diploma does not warrant an automatic designation of being a pastor at The Father’s Heart. There is more to do; Phases 2 and 3 are described below.

Phase 2:  Written Exam and Interview

The written exam is a set of open-ended questions requiring written essay answers that demonstrate an understanding and practical knowledge of biblical theology (rapture, etc.).  This is done once the Diploma is received.

The interview is conducted by a panel of designated Church leaders at The Father’s Heart.  The goal of this interview is for the panel to ask specific questions in order to understand the participant’s views and to ensure they align with the Church’s views related to doctrine, serving the Church body, and leading the congregation.  This is done after the written exam is successfully completed.


Phase 3:  Practical Leadership

Practical leadership means serving in an expanded manner to explore the various areas of the Church.  This phase is an important step in seeking God’s desire for your path.  Examples of practical leadership are leading a prayer service, or actively participating as a leader in various ministries and events. Your initiative will serve as a reflection of your desire to lead in the Church. This phase is done concurrently with Phase 1 and 2 at the Pastor’s discretion.


Final Determination

Once all the phases are complete, the Pastor will conduct a personal interview with you to review the results of your interview, discuss your written exam, and talk about your service and leadership in the Church.  This personal interview will result in either a formal offer of Pastorship at The Fathers Heart, or potentially a request for additional demonstration of leadership and service. 


Resources and Support

Academic Resources

Global University Contact Information



  • Select Option 4 U.S. Student Services


  • Select Berean Ministry Training  Bible and Doctrine

Student Responsibilities

  • Upon registration, students receive a student ID # and Password.

  • Students are responsible for all payments to Global University including online access, course materials, and other fees.


Each year is composed of 9 months of study, begining in March and ending in November. Each month of study culminates with a mandatory classroom environment from 8:30a-3:00p one Saturday of the month. Students are responsible to cover the course reading on their own each month and arrive to the classroom perpared to participate in the live classroom experience.


  1. Read the course catalouge here

  2. Enroll online here (Select the Binghamton location)

  3. Register for classes here

  4. Order books here

The Father’s Heart Support

The Father’s Heart Pastoral staff desires to support and guide you throughout your journey to becoming a pastor at the Church. There may be challenges to face, difficulties times to deal with, and roadblocks to overcome.  You are not alone in your journey.

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