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Has God spoken to you about making The Father's Heart your local church where you are committed to grow, serve, and fellowship. Our biblical foundations course is a fourteen weeks in length. The first thirteen weeks is a solid foundational course of what we believe as a church. The fourteenth week covers areas in the church to serve, how we are organized and structured as a church, and the vision and mission of the church. If you desire to serve in leadership in the future or are currently serving at The Father's Heart we encourage you to take this course. We believe that you will be greatly blessed over the fourteen weeks together as we study and grow together. 

Here are the topics that are covered:

1. All Have Sinned

2. All Can Be Saved

3. Water Baptism

4. Victorious Living

5. Baptism In The Holy Spirit

6. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

7. Divine Healing

8. The Lord's Supper

9. The Church

10. Stewardship

11. Missions

12. Personal Evangelism

13. The Second Coming of Christ

14. Serving, Church Governance, Vision and Mission

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