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Our Joy May Be Complete

1 John 1:4 New American Standard Bible 4 These things we write, so that our joy may be made complete.

John writes these things we write, so that our joy may be made complete. True joy is only found in Jesus Christ. In this world people will chase to and fro looking for that thing that will complete them and make them whole. Some believe it is fame. Others believe it may be wealth, cars, the size of their home, sexual encounters of all different types, but in the end what they find is behind every idol and experience they seek, they are simply left with emptiness.

But John shows us the connection between joy and truth. For true joy can only be found in Jesus Christ. The Lord tells us the joy of the Lord is our strength (Psalm 46:1-3, Nehemiah 8:10, Phil 4:11-13). The joy of God is supernatural. It is only found in right relationship with Him. No matter what we face, when our hope is found in Jesus Christ, His joy will fill our soul.

Here John focuses on our joy. John was a spiritual father and caretaker. At this point in his life and journey with Christ, all of the original disciples had died. Paul was no longer dead. John alone remained and understood the great joy that was found when he heard his spiritual children, those he poured himself into, were holding fast to the truth and not bowing their knee to the false teachers of the day.

Jesus tells us to endure till the end. Sadly, there have been some who have begun with Christ, who have allowed false teaching and unsound doctrine to fill their heart, bankrupt their faith, and turn their back on Jesus. It is important to understand when discipling anyone that we need to invest in their lives. But if that individual we have invested in turns away or even turns on us, we must not take it personally and must diligently pray for them.

Discipleship can be a very messy process. We are dealing with human beings, but from John’s letter we see the importance of sound doctrine and uncompromised truth. Satan will always attack with lie and deception, but we must stand upon the truth of God’s word and not be moved. Satan’s lies and deceptions are based on halves truths and the only way to recognize a half truth is to right know and fully be grounded in uncompromised truth.

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