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Psalm 112:5: It is well with the man who deals generously

Psalm 112:5 (Amplified Bible, Classic Edition)

It is well with the man who deals generously and lends, who conducts his affairs with justice.

It is well. This word well in the Hebrew means pleasant, agreeable, or good. Those who are generous and willing to lend to those in need will be greatly blessed by the Lord. Jesus said those who are faithful with that which is little, will be entrusted with much (Luke 16:10). God is always measuring our lives by our actions. We may say we love God and we may even claim to be a generous person, but the question is: is it truly evident by our actions on a daily basis.

As we mature in Christ one of the things we come to understand is how to properly view money. Before coming to Christ we believe that our money belongs to us and for us to be happy, content, and satisfied our money must be spent on things that we selfishly desire. But as we grow in Christ we understand our money doesn’t belong to us. It is given to us by God. Our jobs and the money earned from our jobs is all provided by the Lord.

He is the one who has given us the skills and abilities we have to work the job we have. He is the one who has opened the doors and put us in relationships with those who would provide us employment. What we find as we walk and grow with Christ on a daily basis is that true contentment is found in surrender to Christ. This especially includes our finances. When we understand our money doesn’t belong to us but instead develop an attitude of generosity in all things, we see the storehouses of heaven open and the blessing of the Lord touching everything.

It says here “who conducts his affairs with justice”. This word affairs in the Hebrew means a word, a matter, or a thing. It speaks of the way we speak or conduct our lives especially in business. Justice means judgement, justice, right, rectitude. Rectitude means moral conduct, righteousness, attributes of God. When a person conducts themselves in the affairs of their lives in accordance with the character and nature of God, they will be blessed in all they do.

Jesus said to seek first His kingdom and righteousness. When we are seeking first His kingdom we are choosing to live for Christ and surrender all things to Him. Every person on this earth has been given a freewill. Even when we come to Christ we are presented daily with the choice to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit or the desires of our sinful nature. But the more we mature and surrender to the work of the Holy Spirit, the more following His leading will become a natural part of who we are.

This is where blessing, wholeness, and being well is found. Walking in obedience to God and His ways. Many times people desire for God to bless them, but they have not fully surrendered or are unwilling to surrender control of their lives to Him. They are still living for themselves and the ways of sin. But God is clear in His word that the wages of sin are death (Romans 6:23). May we be people who are generous and willing to lend. May we conduct all of our affairs with justice and righteousness.


Father today I ask that you would lead and guide me. Help me to be generous in all things. Help me to be generous with my time. Generous with my finances. Generous with my life. May all of my life be in your hands and may I be fully surrendered to you. Father lead and empower me to conduct all my affairs with justice and righteousness. In all that I do I pray that I would bring honor and glory to you. That your character and nature would be reflected in me. Forgive me in any area that I have fallen short and continue to prune my life of anything that would hinder what you want to do. In the name of Jesus, Amen!


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